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How to choose pipes for municipal sewage discharge?


Municipal sewage pipe

In terms of buried and municipal drainage pipes, it is recommended to use the steel strip corrugated pipe of municipal sewage pipe. The municipal sewage pipe is different from the corrugated pipe, and its shape is very similar to the double wall corrugated pipe. However, at the wave peak of the structure, a layer of steel strip is compounded with a special process to enhance the ring stiffness, compression resistance and impact resistance, which is suitable for various engineering needs. Next, I will introduce the municipal sewage pipe in detail.

Model and specification of municipal sewage pipe

The steel belt corrugated pipe produced by our company has a diameter of 3M, and the diameter model is complete from 300mm to 3000mm, with ring rigidity level. Not all of them are above SN8. The pipe length is 6m, 9m, 12m and other specifications. The specific model can be customized according to your needs.

Scope of use of municipal sewage pipe

The municipal sewage pipe has passed the tests of the national chemical building materials testing center. As the steel belt is used as the reinforcement, the overall strength of the pipe is greatly improved, the pressure resistance and impact strength of the pipe is higher, the geological adaptability is better, and the application scope is wider, so that the steel belt corrugated pipe is more suitable for municipal sewage pipe, in line with various geological conditions and application requirements of various projects, and widely used in

1. Water storage system: a water storage system to retain slow water flow

2. Municipal Engineering: large diameter buried drainage and sewage pipe

3. Construction works: building rainwater pipe, underground drainage pipe, blowdown pipe ventilation pipe, etc.; waste water collection pipe of landfill

4. Large port and wharf engineering: drainage and sewage pipes of large airport, port and wharf engineering

5. Road Engineering: seepage and drainage pipes of railway and expressway

6. Sports venues: water seepage and drainage pipes of golf course, football field and other sports venues

7. Mine: mine ventilation, air supply, drainage, mud pipe

8. Industry: sewage pipes in the industrial field

9. Water conservancy project: use of water source pipe, irrigation pipe and water conveyance and drainage of hydropower station

10. Agricultural Engineering: drainage and irrigation of farmland, orchard and forest belt

11. Communication pipe: Railway and highway communication, communication electricity system, optical cable protection pipe

Characteristics of municipal sewage pipe products

Our company specializes in the production of municipal sewage pipes. As a new chemical material, the steel strip corrugated pipe in municipal sewage pipes has great advantages over other materials:

1. The inner and outer walls of municipal sewage pipes are smooth, the friction coefficient is small, and the effective flow rate is large.

2. The municipal sewage pipe has good impact resistance and heat resistance. In the construction process, the pipe will not crack under the impact of cement slurry concrete, and will not be soft under the condensation heat during the construction process.

3. The municipal sewage pipe has excellent moisture-proof and acid-base resistance, no corrosion, reliable and simple connection, which can prevent water from infiltrating into the pipe, 100% zero penetration.

4. The municipal sewage pipe has high compression resistance and can withstand the pressure of over 750N, so it can be installed in the open or buried, and it can be buried in the concrete without pressure damage.

5. The municipal sewage pipe will extinguish itself from the fire, and the flame will not spread along the pipe.



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